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Antiphon has reached its fifth issue. We’ve been going for fifteen months. At first we thought it was a risk, but the magazine has grown over those months: more submissions, more readers, more hits, more good poems. We’ve decided we’re here to stay. So now is the time to think about possible developments. For this we need feedback.

Hence the blog.

Rosemary and I will each post a short piece, about a week apart, talking about things poetic, poems and poets, as well as keeping people up to date with how Antiphon progresses. From time to time we’ll ask for comments which’ll help us judge what we might do with the magazine.

At the moment, our big idea is to produce a print anthology of the first year’s poems. We know it’ll look good, and we’ve some wonderful poems to include. We also know that most poets like to appear in print. And we’re quite keen to try our hands at a print publication. We’re even thinking about the possibility of building a small press around Antiphon, to produce occasional chapbooks or collections.

It would need investment, of course, which we don’t have: Antiphon has been a labour of love, but fortunately so far it’s not needed much cash. Would we just be throwing our money away?

One way to solve this might be by subscription, perhaps using a Kickstarter approach, so called crowd-funding. This works for projects such as games and models, would it work for poetry?

A print publication also needs distribution, too. That’s the big problem with print. Bookshops generally aren’t keen on poetry. Only Duffy, Armitage, Collins, Ayers and Wordsworth find bookshops keen to promote them. So would we just end up with 500 Antiphon anthologies cluttering our attics?

We’d want to give a free copy to each contributor, too. Otherwise it might seem too close to vanity publishing. But that sends the cost up. Then there’d be postage, too.

So print on demand (POD) seems the solution. But POD is full of mediocre self-publishing. Would this harm Antiphon’s reputation?

What do you think?


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