We began Antiphon in 2011, thinking there were many good poets in the world who weren’t finding enough exposure. Though we’d a fair bit of editorial experience, we’d never started up our own magazine, and whilst we’ve both won a few prizes and published quite widely, we’re not that well known in the poetry world, so we had no idea if we’d succeed.

But we’ve been enormously pleased by how successful the magazine has become, just in its first year. We’ve been privileged to publish some wonderful poetry, review a few really interesting collections and receive some very positive feedback on what we’re doing. The readership is high, higher than many other magazines.

But a poetry magazine is only as good as the poems it attracts, so we’re continually looking for new poets and new work.

We met on the MA Writing at Sheffield Hallam University (UK), which is an excellent course. We’ve edited, and also published in, the course literary magazine, Matter as well as quite a few other magazines such as Fourteen, Other Poetry, Orbis, Iota, Envoi, The North. Rosemary is a moderator of the poetry forum Poets’ Graves . Noel is Associate Editor of Orbis and writes reviews for Sphinx and The North. He has his own blog at: http://noelwilliams.wordpress.com/ His first collection will be published by Cinnamon Press in 2014.



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