Posted by: noelwilliams | January 25, 2014

A poem a week

Rosemary alerted me to Jo Bell’s excellent idea of writing a poem a week. She’s set up a blog here with a weekly prompt for a new poem. As we all seem to find it hard to discipline ourselves to write, and we all know that inspiration only strikes when we give it chance, it seems to me a great idea. At the very least, it will push me (or you) to try something I might not otherwise have thought of.

Perhaps this will mean that Antiphon is inundated with (on the Jo Bell’s current list) poems about Travelling in Style and Exposing Yourself – but that’ll be a great thing for us, if the poems are good. We’re always greedy for more good writing. Never get enough of it.

Of course, you could invent your own version of Jo’s exercise, giving yourself a different writing task each week of your own making – perhaps out of your current reading, or an encounter during the week, or by identifying some other event or document which has struck you during that week (an anniversary, an overhearing, a memory, a glimpse in a shop window, a piece of junk mail). The key thing is to write. No matter what.

(Whilst I’m here, I hope you’ll also forgive me a small personal plug. I’ve now the launch date for my own collection, Out of Breath: March 25th. If you’re interested, details here.)



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