Posted by: noelwilliams | May 5, 2013

Sheffield Poetry Festival Programme

Well, planning for the Festival is nearly done. The website is up and running, here, thanks to Brian Lewis of Longbarrow Press, who has done a really excellent job. And the Programme is finalised. It’s at the printers now, but you can find all the info on the website here, where you can also download a full pdf of the Programme.

You’ll see there’s roughly fifty poets taking part, and Antiphon’s special issue (issue #7) has poems lined up from almost all of them. We’ve mentioned some before, but poets we’ve not mentioned before are: Geroid Mac Lochlainn, Cliff Yates, Paula Cunningham, Jonathan Davidson, Alistair Noon, Liz Cashdan, David Cooke, Harriet Tarlo, Agnes Lehoczky, Catherine Benson, Nell Farrell, Rich Goodson, Jane Monson, Sarah Tomasin, Seni Seneviratne, LindaLee Welch, Angelina Ayers , Elizabeth Barrett, Bryony Doran, Shelley Roche- Jacques, Rosemary Badcoe, Kate Rutter, Suzannah Evans, Suzanne McArdle, Margaret Lewis, Jan Caborn, David Devany, Stan Skinny, John Sewell, Martin Dimery, David Harmer, Fay Musselwhite, Bill Cooper, Donna Stonecipher, Alan Halsey, Geraldine Monk, Rob Hindle.

It’s a wider range of work than we usually include, as it represents the full range of the Festival. It’s also bigger than we usually aim for. Also, as the festival features local poets alongisde the national and international headliners, the poets of our region (Sheffield and Yorkshire) get more of an airing than usual. It’ll be interesting to hear what readers think of these three diversions from our normal practice.

Issue #8, however, will be more or less back to normal.



  1. Wow…so excited!! Particularly looking forward to seeing Suzannah Evans, Bill Cooper, Elizabeth Barrett, Shelley Roche-Jacques and Linda Lee Welch.

  2. Have previously seen poetry performances by Angelina Ayers, Shelley Roche-Jacques and Elizabeth Barrett which I’ve enjoyed immensely, and so I will definitely check this out!

  3. Agree with other posters-Angelina Ayers, Linda Lee Welch, Shelley Roche-Jacques and Bryony Doran are all fabulous poets and am looking forward to hear more wonderful poetry from them

  4. Line up seems brilliant!

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