Posted by: Rosemary Badcoe | April 5, 2013

A comment on comments

Thanks to all who gave us feedback on issue 6 of Antiphon. Several poets came in for a number of favourable comments, including John Nash’s Black Stag, Gill McEvoy’s Paper Crane and the work of Christine Whittemore and Annette Volfing. Many other poems had their own particular champions. It was interesting to see the number of different poems that delighted people, and I think that’s a good sign – we’re able to include a range of poetic styles and subject matter and yet the quality remains at an even high, rather than a few poems standing out as more successful.  However, there was one poem that just pipped the others to the post in receiving the most votes, and that was Seth Crook’s Lighthouse, 1904. It’s a simple but unusual narrative with a great twist at the end, and made me laugh with surprise when I first read it. Do have a look if you missed it. We will be featuring some more of Seth’s work in our Exhibition Space shortly.



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