Posted by: Rosemary Badcoe | March 17, 2013

Antiphon issue six now live!

We’ve pulled it all together, and issue six is now live. We’re very pleased with the selection of poems – a little more quirky, some of them, but we enjoy work that we can’t immediately understand, that repays re-reading. I read the poems many times when I’m setting up the website, and I always know it’s a good poem when I don’t get tired of it.  And I haven’t got tired of any yet.

We’ve published 22 poets this time: 9 male and 13 female. Is this unusual? I’ve seen magazines asking for more submissions from females to even out their ratios. It’s not something we think about at all when choosing poems, but it’s interesting to see after the fact.

Don’t forget we’re looking for your opinions on the poems you’ve most enjoyed in this issue so that we can do a special feature in our Exhibition Space.  Contact us via the website, or leave a comment here.


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