Posted by: noelwilliams | March 17, 2013

And here it is!

Issue six is up and running here.

We’ve poems by poets who are new to us, and a few we’ve published before, with reviews of work by Dana Littlepage Smith, Marion Tracy and Frank Wood.

We’re trying something new with Issue 6. We’re asking you to let us know the poems you like best and then we’ll give a special feature in Antiphon’s Exhibition space to the poet who receives the most feedback. Feedback is really useful (and motivating) to us and to the poets, too.

To let us know what you think of the poems, leave a comment on this post, or send an email to editors [at] or use our contact page at:

If we receive much feedback, then we’ll perhaps post some of what people tell us, either here on the blog or as part of Issue #7 of the magazine.

And, of course, once you’ve read Issue #6, let us have your contributions for the next issue. Antiphon always needs the best poems you’ve got.



  1. Dear Ros,

    As an editor, I know how important feedback is. Positive strokes are always nice; suggestions for improvement always helpful.

    I’ve followed Antiphon since issue 1. I think it is distinctive for a number of reasons:

    1) The tabbed menus are great.
    2) A common problem with web-based mags is that, because so many bells and whistles are available, they all get used. Some are positively garish. You’ve kept a light and airy feel, where the poem is centre-stage (see what I did there?!)
    3) Your eclectic selection. Missions are all well and good, but personal, editorial taste is the best guide, and gives a mag its distinct character.

    Still digesting issue 6, but so far I think it lives up to, or exceeds the expectations raised by past issues.

    Congratulations, and good luck for the future.


  2. Thanks Philip, very encouraging! We do wonder if we should make more use of being online – sound, or interactivity, but haven’t found the time to explore it properly yet. But it’s important not to lose sight of the words.

    • I think you have to make the Web your servant, not your master. I think of it as a delivery system, neither more nor less. Angle is a pdf mag, because I wanted it to have an existence independent of the Web. I think of it as a virtual print mag. But of course I like to read other mags like yours. Do I contradict myself> very well then …

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