Posted by: noelwilliams | March 7, 2013

Coming soon

Issue Six of Antiphon is almost there. It’s nearly ready.

Yesterday Rosemary and I made our final decisions (we hope!) on the content of Antiphon’s coming issue. The poems have been chosen and the structure planned, though we’ve still formally to accept the last few so I suppose there might be some last minute tinkering. In the next few days I’m editing the reviews and an article for the Interlude section and Rosemary’s working on the editorial and the design. Then, with any luck, in just over a week’s time our brand new Antiphon issue six will be open for your reading pleasure.

We’re trying something new in this issue, too. We’re asking readers to let us know the poems they like best. The poet who receives most reader votes will then be offered a special featured space on the Antiphon website. There’s more on this in the editorial for the magazine and we’ll be blogging about it once it’s in place. As we’ve posted before, we’d like to increase feedback on the mag. We’re hoping that this will help, and that our poets will get some reader feedback, too. One thing poets definitely enjoy is knowing their work has had a positive impact on their readers.

We think Issue 6 is one of the best sets of poems we’ve so far published. I suppose we’re bound to say things like that, aren’t we? Nevertheless, by keeping each issue at around 24 poems or so, yet selecting each time from a wider range of submissions as more poets send us work, it seems we’re able to make sure the general quality of Antiphon gets better with each issue. We hope you’ll agree with us when you read it.

But we do still want more, and better, submissions every time. Antiphon’s appetite for good poetry is insatiable.



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